What is CTF?

What is CTF?

CTF: CTF means Capture the flag. Ctf also we define deeply , it’s means participation of any Information Security
where we can solve many challenges and submit our flag. If we submit correct flag we get point reward for this. When
our ctf challange has gone, perticipte will get reward if they are on top 10 or top 3.
On Ctf one can practric his skill properly and hunt the correct flag as well as he also learn many update technique.


Types of CTF

There are two types of Ctf.
1. Jeopardy and another

2. Attack-Defense


Jeopardy Ctf

Jopardy: In Jeopardy there given many types of Challenge such as : Web, forensics, crypto ,binary exploit, reversing, network and more.
If the challenge contain more point reward it means it will be more hard.
For this the provider allow to solve this challenge with team.



Attack-Defense: In Attack-Defense Ctf challenge candidate will give a Machine which contain many types of vulnerabilities. Here they have to
hack the machine and also fix the vulnerabilities for others. This types of challenge is more hard. Candidate will get reward for defense their machine.


Mixed-style CTF

There are some Ctf which contain these two types of Ctf at the same time is called Mixed-style Ctf.


Why we participate on CTF:

Ctf increases our cyber skills and IQ. If we got possition in top 10 or top 3 in Ctf we get rewards like money, laptops, Macbooks etc.


How to solve it

Please see these ctf solving method

Thank you.

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