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All The Different Fields in Cybersecurity You Can Work In

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving field with new developments emerging every year, so you’re never going to run out of things to learn if you want to work in cybersecurity. The three main sectors where cybersecurity professionals work are government and military, private industry, and academia. But there are also many different specializations within each of these areas, which we’ll cover in this article. If you’re interested in working in cybersecurity, read on to see what opportunities await you!

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Fields in Cybersecurity
Fields in Cybersecurity

All The Different Fields in Cybersecurity You Can Work In

Malware Analysis field

In Cybersecurity Malware Analysis is the process of identifying and understanding the behavior of malware. It has to be done by looking at the bytecode, which has been compiled into machine language by a compiler or assembler from high-level programming languages such as C++ or Java.

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The most common method of analysis is a static analysis which looks at the code without executing it. Another method called dynamic analysis (also known as runtime analysis) which monitors programs while they are executing on a computer and looks for deviations from what it would normally do.

A Malware Analyst will use both static and dynamic analysis but will lean more towards one or the other depending on what they are analyzing and how much time they have available for the task.

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the act of preventing a cyber attack. It can be done through different means, such as firewalls, antivirus software and other methods.
It can be done through different means, such as firewalls, antivirus software and other methods. People who work in cybersecurity are typically known as cybersecurity professionals. They can work in many different fields, from digital forensic investigators to ethical hackers.

Reverse Engineering field

In the Cybersecurity Reverse Engineering field, you can work to decode malware. Malware is malicious software that is designed to cause disruption or steal information from a computer. It could be used for espionage, industrial sabotage, and even terrorism. The US Department of Homeland Security defines malware as a type of computer virus and an electronic weapon.

Reverse Engineering field
Reverse Engineering field

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There are many different types of malware out there including adware, worms, trojans, spyware, keyloggers, and ransomware. In this career track, your job would be to understand what these different types are and how they work so that you can help detect it on a system when it shows up on your radar.

Web Application Security

In the Cybersecurity Web Application Security Section, you can read about all of the different fields that are involved in web application security. There are many different job positions and titles to choose from, including:

Network Engineers – they install network hardware and software on a system to help it communicate with other systems. They also monitor traffic going through the system. These engineers make sure that when data goes through their systems, it’s safe and secure.They need at least an associate’s degree or 2-year vocational program for this position.

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Security Analysts – these professionals use specialized computer programs to analyze networks or systems looking for problems or vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit to gain access to confidential information or control of a system. A Bachelor’s Degree is required for this position.

Mobile Security

In Cybersecurity, there is Mobile Security Field. Cybercriminals are constantly looking for new ways to get at your personal information. They know that mobile devices are typically filled with a lot of personal information. And you don’t have to be a hacker to find out someone’s data – all it takes is an unprotected device and access to the public internet.

That’s why most experts recommend using some type of anti-virus software on smartphones and tablets. On Android, consider ESET Mobile Security or Avast SecureLine. For iPhones, check out Lookout or Bitdefender. But the best defense against hackers might be something called two-factor authentication.

It means entering both your password and another secret code every time you want to log into your account from a different computer or phone. Another great way to protect yourself from hackers is: Always use strong passwords. Experts recommend choosing at least 8 characters long – preferably ones that include numbers and symbols as well as letters.

Phishing attacks are also becoming more common: Don’t click links in emails from people you don’t know because they could lead to infected websites that steal your information like passwords or credit card numbers. In the Mobile Security Field, You can make a decent amount of money by helping others or being an ethical hacker and Returnd there stolen information.

Cloud Security Field

In Cybersecurity, there is Cloud Security Field which has more demand in the market than other fields of cybersecurity. The responsibilities for this field are to make sure that the company’s data stored on cloud service providers will be secured.

Companies who want to protect their data from being hacked or attacked must work with this field and hire professionals who are qualified enough to do it.

Some of the basic qualifications for a person in this field include having an understanding of networks and how they work, knowing about security best practices, possessing a good understanding about risk assessment and so on.
In order to become certified for this type of job, one must pass various certifications and exams like CISSP or CCNA among others.

ICS/SCADA Security

In Cybersecurity , you can work in ICS/SCADA security. ICS, or Industrial Control Systems, is the technology used to control industrial processes and operations such as electric power generation, oil refining and manufacturing of industrial chemicals.

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SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA systems are responsible for controlling large-scale equipment like electricity generators, gas pipelines and chemical plants. As ICS/SCADA security professionals, we use a variety of methods to secure these systems against cyberattacks that could cause physical destruction or even death.

We often collaborate with Industrial Controls Engineers who design the network architectures used by these systems to ensure that they are safe from attacks.


In cryptography, a code is a method of transforming information into an obscure form so that it cannot be read without special knowledge (for example, the key). From ancient times to the present day, codes have been used to protect sensitive communications. Codes may be used for text messages or other types of computer data. Mathematical techniques can be used to break codes and even create codes.

This job is good for those who like math, puzzles, and solving problems.So you can Do this job if you are really interested in coding and enjoy working on challenging problems! Network Security: A network security engineer defends computers against attacks such as spam email, distributed denial-of-service attacks, viruses or worms, Trojan horses, malicious web pages and more.

Network engineers typically work with IT professionals to build firewalls, scan networks for vulnerabilities and back up data. So if your interest is Computers And Computer Networks this would be the perfect career choice!

Red Team Operations

In cryptography there is a field called Red Team Operations which involves taking on the role of the attacker, or hacker. There are four main types of this attack: Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Security Training, and CTF (Capture The Flag).

What is CTF?

A Penetration Testing aims to find vulnerabilities in the systems that an attacker might use to enter a network and attack it. Vulnerability Assessments are like one-time scans for any weaknesses in your system or network. Security Training helps teach users about cyber threats and how to protect themselves from them.

CTFs can be entered by anyone and take place as competitions between teams who hack each other’s servers to gain points by finding flags. Participants who want to know more about cyber security should check out these different fields they can work in!

Physical Security
A master’s degree is usually required for a job in physical security. Specific courses may include surveillance technology and camera installation/operation; site assessment; business continuity planning; and disaster preparedness/emergency management.

A bachelor’s degree may be sufficient for some positions but most employers will want to see extensive experience or a higher degree from related programs before hiring someone with less education.

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