Bug Bounty program

What is bug bounty?

A bug bounty program is also called a vulnerability rewards program. Bug means any vulnerability in program. Bounty means rewards. Suppose you found any bug on google, yahoo, facebook or other website then you concern about it after that the authority check the report and if they truly find your vulnerability report then they provide you rewards.
The full process is bug bounty.

Why you participate in bug bounty program?

Some organizations run bug bounty programs as way to identify vulnerabilities on their production applications. The programs gives ethical hackers permission to test their applications. If you have highly knowledge about bug and If you want to millionaire overnight you should obviously perform on bug bounty. Argentine citizens Santiago Lopez 19 years old works on hackerone platform and found more than 1600 bug on most popular website and get millionaire overnight.

How You can learn about vulnerabilities?

If you want to build up your carrier on bug bounty program you have to update your knowledge about bug up to date. You can practice on your skill on https://tryhackme.com/ website and https://www.hackthebox.com/ website. For guideline please
keep eye on our website CTF this section. Also you can
attend on many CTF program for know update technique of hacking. 


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