5 Remote Programming Jobs to Consider

As the demand for remote Programmers increases, so too does the competition. The advanced technology jobs that require previous remote software development experience are still largely filled with people who have ever worked in a coffee shop or other office setting.

But with job openings increasing at an alarming pace, it is easier than ever to become a programmer. Here are some remote programming job opportunities that could lead to a career as a software developer:

5 Remote Programming Jobs to Consider
5 Remote Programming Jobs to Consider

Software Development Manager – Helping to Build a Successful Software Company

As the name suggests, software development managers help to build a successful software company. The ideal candidate will have a good understanding of programming and be able to work with a wide range of tools and technologies.

They will manage the day-to-day activities of various teams within a software development organization and work with business stakeholders to plan and execute strategic business-critical projects.

Experience with tooling, such as code-editing tools, will be essential. It is essential to have some engineering experience, especially with code-completion tools, such as JIT or whitespace-only completion.

Knowledge of the business processes, such as the relationship between development and operations teams, will be a must. Those with experience building customer-driven software will find customer success management a rewarding field to work in.

Remote Software Developer – Developing Apps for Windows, iOS, and Android

Apps for Windows, iOS, and Android continue to be center stage in the job market with job opportunities increasing by 10% year over year.

There are also new opportunities to develop apps for the increasing diversity of devices, such as smart home devices, wearables, and other small devices. Experience with client-side JavaScript and a basic understanding of HTML5, CSS3, and other modern web standards is essential.

This job offers the ability to work on a remote basis, which can be a great benefit when seeking out remote work opportunities. Among candidates with recent developer experience, the average time to degree completion is 6 years.

Project Manager – Batch Creating Perfect Applications

One of the famous software management businesses Batch has quickly become a household name when it comes to applications. Batch is a business-critical software development company that creates efficient and effective software applications.

The company’s software development process is also one of the leading models for building software. Batch’s clients range from big-name brands to startups and individuals.

Batch’s headquarters are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but it has offices in Dublin, Ireland; Mountain View, California; and New York City.

Quality Assurance Engineer – Testing and Improving the Software

In addition to new remote opportunities, testing and improving the software continues to be a compelling field to work in.

Quality assurance engineers (QA engineers) test the correctness, usability, and performance of the software. They work with test teams to implement and manage test plans, conduct quality assurance inspections, and write and issue reports.

Among the most popular types of testing are usability (how easy is it to use?), functional (does the tool work as advertised?), and performance testing (how well does the code perform compared to similar code on other platforms?). QA engineers are responsible for creating and managing a diverse testing team that includes testers from various backgrounds, experience levels, and roles, to name a few.

What’s Next for Remote Programmers? Remote Programming Jobs

Now that you know what remote programming jobs are available, what are the best opportunities?

To name a few, remote work opportunities with start-ups and small businesses. There are also opportunities to work with international clients, such as in China, who are looking to improve their business processes with apps.

If you are interested in working with a company that values great customer service, LinkedIn groups dedicated to hiring managers and executives are a great place to look.

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